Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So I failed...

miserably at NaBloPoMo. *heavy sigh* BUT I posted more than I would have without that little incentive, so it's still a success. Congrats to those who made it all the way through!

So this month, I managed to stitch 4.5 ornaments. More, actually. Because I got 2 ornaments to the point of finishing before I figured out that they wouldn't work. :(

Snowflake-themed ornament set:
blackwork humbug, Hardanger & blackwork biscornu, and beaded snowflake (which may look VERY familiar to some of you)

Peppermint-themed ornament set (so far):
"star mint" biscornu and candy cane spiral-rope ornament (or a wreath)
I'm stitching a humbug for this now, but it's a little more tedious, and I think I'll need to get more green thread.

And a look at our Christmas tree! This year it's upstairs. Last year I just couldn't get in the holiday mood, and barely had any decorations up. But this year, we put the tree up after Thanksgiving. The outside lights are even up - we were the first on the cul-de-sac to decorate! And I'm mostly done with shopping for the kids. I went to Target at 11:30 on Black Friday, and was done in an hour. Didn't get the door-busters, but I still got some good deals, without all the hassle. :)


Cole said...

I wouldn't say you failed.. You did really good, better than I think I would have :)

Love the ornament sets, they're really sweet!

Rebekah said...

Your ornaments look great! I haven't even started on any for this year yet. I hoping we get our tree soon. Although, I am working on 2 quilts in the area that we put our tree. I kind of need to hurry that along.

tangled stitch said...

Your tree looks beautiful and I love the ornaments! They are beautiful too!