Monday, March 9, 2009

I hate time changes

Saturday night dh remembered to reset the coffee pot, his watch and the alarm clock in our bedroom. He did not remember to set the alarm. Usually the kids wake me up on Sunday mornings by about 7:45. Of course, with the "spring ahead" time change, that translates to 8:45, and we have to leave by 9:15 for church. Without the alarm set, we slept until 8:15, when my mom knocked on our bedroom door (she remembered to set her alarm). We were all a little tired and crabby yesterday. It always takes me a couple of days to adjust to the new time. Even though it's only an hour, it really throws me off. For example, I've been used to starting dinner when it's getting to be dusk. Now I need to look at a clock and be like, OMG - is it really 5:30?! Which would be fine if all my clocks were changed. I have yet to update the stereo and living room wall clock.

Craftiness today - I spent about 40 minutes sorting beads again (I think 30 minutes is my limit before my shoulders get sore). I'll count the stitches I did yesterday on BoInk - I didn't get as much as I hoped, because we went out to lunch after church, and neither kid had a nap/quiet time. I say with confidence that I will finish the large heart on Dove Love today - so much confidence, in fact, that I may work on Lizzie*Kate during nap time.

I hope you all have a pleasant, productive day!


Candle Junkie said...

I think all us Moms know exactly what you are saying about the time change{giggle}.My boys have missed the bus 2x and I have had to drive them in my P.J.'s no less. It is hard, when you keep your family on a schedule. But I guess we will survive.Crafting will see us through.(lol)

drea_dear said...

I'm just glad my daughter is in afternoon kindergarten. And I'm hoping that this is the year that we don't change back, or next year I'm in trouble.

Candle Junkie said...

I have included you in my Sisterhood award.
Check out the post and grab your award

heathernkids said...

I was great Sunday and Monday, but today I'm dragging...and this morning I also drove my 9 yr old to school in my pjs! DOH

Cole said...

The "spring forward" is so hard! We slept in at our place today too! Tomorrow will be a better day :)

Dragonflymystic said...

wow ... we are sisters :) I spent way too long sorting beads yesterday :) 1 1/2 hours
talk about sore shoulders
and didnt get the stitching done I wanted to do... but ALL of the beads from the batch I started with are sorted
now to sort smaller batches lol
who understands you like a sister, and re-honors you with the sisterhood award!!! I truly love your creativity. I am working on making an online store. This should take a bit, but when it is finished I do hope I can help you with some of your wonderful product... as it is definitely great quality :) I love love love the peice you sent me so long ago... It always has a piece up front in my displaying :)
who thinks you said some very sweet things ... thanks!