Tuesday, November 24, 2009


2 nights in a row - I sat down to finish the minty ornaments, and it didn't work out the way I'd planned!!!! The first one (you'll have to use your imaginations) was a strip stitched so that when I folded and whip-stitched it closed, it would be a spiral (like a candy cane). I had 2 strips done with green stripes and one with red stripes, and I was going to attach them through each other, like the paper rings we used to make to count down the days until Christmas. Cute idea, right? Well, I didn't make the strips wide enough or long enough for that to work. So I put it aside last night and started crocheting. Then tonight, I decided to finish the truly candy cane-ish one, there's a picture below somewhere. I had backstitched around, pulled out some threads and done a hemstitch, and was ready to close up the open side. But when I trimmed the fabric to make it manageable for whip-stitching, I had trimmed too close to the backstitching, which started pulling out! Grrrrr!

I made a replacement for the rings, and I have an idea for a replacement for the candy cane. But that was a lot of work to have to replace! I think that I will make another humbug - it was an easy finish for me. I hope I'll have something to show tomorrow.

In much better news, I got an e-mail from the library today - it's my turn to get the new Castle book! Very much ahead of what I expected, so I'll pick it up tomorrow. :)

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