Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday update

So today's update has progress and...a finish!!!

First, BoInk. I completed the upper-center motif - kind of like a phoenix, I think. So the whole upper portion is DONE!!!!!!!!! I also started the yellow frame on the right-hand cross. Hallie was looking at this piece and noticed the large crosses, and I said, "Look at the squares, there are crosses between the stitches." She looked closer and found a bunch of them!

And my finish. #1 of the 3-part snowflake ornie set - a humbug! I decided not to participate in the TTE2 humbug exchange, but the finishes have been so cute, and I like how the large center snowflake wraps around the front. I also finished the biscornu ornie, but I forgot to take a pic. I'm also thinking that piece #3 will be a beaded snowflake, if I can remember where I put them. :)

And in a case of my "best laid plans", I'm also ready to start finishing the minty ornies. So I went to find my Peppermint Oil (we've had it since Hallie was a baby, something about my grandmother used to give babies a taste of candy canes when their tummies were upset...), and guess what. I couldn't find the Peppermint Oil. We've had it for almost 7 years, moved it umpteen times, and THIS time I can't find it when I finally have a use for it. Fortunately, the spiraly-ness and the color scheme are strong enough to convey that it should smell like mint. Besides, peppermint oil doesn't really smell like a candy cane, I need spearmint or wintergreen or something. (This is how I justify things in my real life, too...)


Rebekah said...

You've been busy! Your BoInk is looking great and I love all of your Christmas projects. I really should be working on at least one ornament for this year.

Cole said...

BoInk is looking really good! And the humbug is great! I sat out of this one too and I've been admiring them... may need to try my hand at it too, well done!!

tangled stitch said...

Boink is really coming along. Happy Thanksgiving!