Thursday, November 19, 2009

PIF received and PIF mailed

I mailed a PIF to Taija in Finland today. As soon as she lets me know it's received, I'll post pics. Some of you who are my friends on Facebook may have seen pics already, from the drawing phase, to the partial stitched phase, to I think the finished phase. Anyway, I hope she likes it!

Also, here is the pic (clickable) of the ornament I received from Carol S. It is "Holiday Heart Ornament" by JBW Designs, stitched on 28-count R&R Reproductions French Vanilla Linen, with GAST, Mill Hill beads & a Dress It Up! star. So cute - the tree is actually made up of a bunch of hearts. And I love the vine around the outside. The postcard is from Harlequin, and anyone who visits Carol's blog knows how much she loves Harlequin books! I laughed when I saw that!

Thank you, Carol, this will be a treasured piece on our tree. Our Christmas theme is always a child's Christmas, with a bit of "rustic" thrown in. The only time of year anyone could describe me as "country"! This will fit perfectly. I showed it to my mom when she got home from work, and she oohed and ahhed over it, too.

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