Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Week In Stitches

Well, "weeks":

BoInk - I'm finished with the green.  Completely.  100%, no more green is required for this project.  You can see the last little bit in the motif to the upper left.  I also really like how the dark blue in the lower motif turns the weird red shapes into hearts. :)

Fairy Sisters - 1/2 of page 1!  And some lighter colors starting to make their way in - the little nebula thing is made up of navy blues.  And a little confetti near the bottom of the page to mark my progress.  And because it's HAED and you have to have confetti with HAED.

This afternoon/evening I'll finally be finishing another biscornu for a pin-cushion-let, and pictures of that will be coming next week.  And my printer hasn't been working for a really long time - I have one that works now and I can print off more patterns. :)  I spent some time on Ravelry yesterday, and I found a cute idea for a crocheted top.  More details on that to come as I figure out how to do what I want.

Thanks to the ladies who commented yesterday, I appreciate you!  And welcome to more and more people who are finding me, it's very exciting!

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