Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Week In Stitches

Hello!!!!  I feel like I'm finally getting back into my routine for stitching, and so I actually have pictures of progress!

Sunday - BoInk. 2 colors achieved in one day - shock! I love the swirly-ness of this right now.

Tuesday & Friday - Fairy Sisters - guess who made her goal of 1/4 page?  Me, that's who!  Not all in this month, but you know, you have to celebrate when you finally hit those goals.

In real life stuff, I have good news and bad news.  Bad news first:  I've been told I have high cholesterol.  Normally they don't even test women my age for cholesterol levels, because you kind of need the extra fat during your child-bearing years.  But my paternal grandparents have both had cardiac "events", so I'm considered higher risk.  Anyway, they aren't putting me on meds for it yet - they want to check again in 6 months to see if diet and exercise get these numbers back in the normal range.  FYI - I'm about 50 pounds over the high end of my BMI, so this may finally be the motivation to get me eating right and moving.

And....good news - it looks like my husband has a job in Idaho!  He received a conditional offer of employment last week, and as far as he knows, he has satisfied all the conditions.  He would start June 7, which is amazing.  Thank you so much to those who were praying for us - this has been a long 20 months of uncertainty.  But it looks like we will finally be able to be a whole family again!

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