Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last week in stitches

I'm sorry this has taken so many days to post.  This last weekend was a little crazy, and things haven't slowed down.  I'm getting ready for a visit from my aunt and uncle this weekend, and then my husband's RETURN HOME!!!!! next week.  Yeah, I'm a little excited.  We still haven't told the children that he's moving home, and it's getting really hard.  But we don't want something to come up at the last minute and disappoint them.

My focus has been on completing my TTE2 pincushion - it goes in the mail tomorrow, so I'll be back on schedule again, for a little while at least.  But here's an update on BoInk - you can see that I have just a few stitches of yellow left for the center bottom motif.
Sunday - BoInk

I hope you all have a great week, and a safe Memorial Day weekend - we have just a few days left of school here in Idaho, and then we'll be set to enjoy summer - with Daddy living with us full time!  YAY!!!!!

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