Monday, April 12, 2010

Last week in stitches

I'm not sure I like the picture upload changes Blogger's made.....I still can't move them around the way I want, and now it won't add them all at once.  Hmmm.  Whatever.  But I did notice the "strikethrough" font option at the top, and that makes me happy.  Now if they'll just add it to the "list" gadget, it would be perfect.

Sunday - BoInk - a little more yellow frame

Tuesday - Fairy Sisters - very little accomplished, but at least I pulled it out this week

Blackwork Biscornu - Secret Sister gift

I'm pretty sure my secret sister doesn't read my blog...if she does, well, her gift isn't finished yet and the reveal is on Saturday, so I guess it's all good, lol.  She does a lot of crafting and quilting, so I'm making her a biscornu for her pins, featuring the blackwork design I stitched for Karina's scissor pocket (although I'm using a different filling stitch in the hearts).  Purple is one of her favorite colors, and she always dots the "i" in her name with a flower. :)

We did get a car Saturday!  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers - we got a 1995 forest green Jeep Grand Cherokee.  It actually had the fewest miles on it of any of the cars we looked at, even though it was the oldest.  There are a few things that will need to be repaired, but the engine is solid, and that's the biggest thing.  And we discovered that an adult and 2 booster seats will fit comfortably in the back seat, so that makes longer car trips for our family much more likely!  And now I can make mid-week post office runs and all those kinds of things, so I feel less "trapped" in my house, lol.


Holly said...

Very cool! I like the purple flower one! :)

nima said...

ww..good to see your stitching progress

Dani - tkdchick said...

I do like the new blogger photo upload thingie, buecause I used to waste so much time moving around my pictures, and deleteing all the extra spaces it used to put in! I just leave my cursor where I want the picture to be upload all the pictures at once. Then click on the picture I want to put in at my cursor and whoila!

The only thing that annoys me, no spell check. I mean who dosen't need spell check? C'mon Blogger/Google get with the program.

All of your projects are looking great.