Friday, April 9, 2010

Last week's finishes

So I thought I'd show a few pix of last week's finishes - all able to be worn for Easter!  I cannot tell you all how excited I was to try on my top (after purchasing a back-up dress) and to see that it fit perfectly!  I got a lot of compliments on it all day.  You can see a little bit of my khaki skirt too - it turned out a little short.  Well, not really - it hits right above my knee and I'm still under 35, so I can get away with it.  But after wearing it to church I decided not to make the denim skirt of the same pattern - stretch denim made into something that borders on a mini would not be appropriate.  So they'll be shorts.  Maybe - if I can get the buttonholes for the decorative ties/elastic to line up correctly.

And a pic of the girls in their sweaters and dresses - I always have to get one of them together, although usually it's with Big Bunny (yes, we have a large bunny).  You can see that my older daughter is actually a better photographer than I am.  But I love the adoring look the little one is giving her sister.  I got tons of compliments on their sweaters, too - 2 sweaters in a week has to be a record for me!

Tomorrow we begin looking at used cars - I haven't really had access to a vehicle since....ever.  LOL That's not completely true, I am able to use my mom's car when she's not working.  But it will be nice to know that if one of my kids gets sick at school I can go pick her up, which I can't do now.  I've been printing off classified listings for about 2 days, and I just want this to be done!!


smilen1004 said...

those are adorable :) good luck on the car search, I hope you find a good one

Cole said...

I love the sweaters, great job!

Anonymous said...

Looks great and your daughters are adorable!!!