Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Because it can't be simple - that would be EASY

So yesterday I stitched the side seams on my new top. I decided to do a French seam, because the fabric (that I treated with Fray Check) unraveled some when I washed it. So I did the seams, and decided to slip it on. I was able to pull it down all the way (barely - and ladies, you know what I mean when I say that). It's fine across the lower part of the back, but definitely looks tight in the front. And because I did a French seam, I trimmed it way down, so I don't have room to let it out much. I could rip both sets of seams out and do a traditional seam where the first stitching was - that will give me another 1/2 inch total. Or I could lose 15 pounds. Or the 50 that really needs to come off. Don't worry, I'm taking steps (literally - I'm wearing a pedometer and doing a Walk At Home dvd) to lose weight - but I think I'll also torture myself and rip out the seams. Because I would be really sad to not finish this top, after all the work that went into pleating, gathering and yoking. (And yes, Blogger say "yoking" is a word.)

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