Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Week In Stitches and Winner!

Poll results will be at the end *evil laugh*

Sunday - BoInk (okay, and Monday, too)

Tuesday - Lace tabs for my shirt

As of Friday - progress on my shirt

Friday - thread crochet

Monday was the 1 year anniversary of our BoInk SAL (not the official one, but the one I'm doing with Rebekah, Nicole and Julie). I'm amazed at how much I've done in just a year on this - only stitching 1 day a week. (Okay, sometimes 2, but there was a whole stretch last June when I was moving that I barely touched it. I'm sure it averages out.) So here's a full-size pic:

On Tuesday I finished crocheting the lace tabs for my shirt - I'm super-happy with them. We'll see how happy I am when it comes time to attach them to the fabric. I think that I got a little bit of that let-down from finishing Pixie's Lady and didn't feel like doing much stitching. So I played with crochet thread. I got myself a booklet at Jo-Ann. I'm not totally in love with any of the patterns, but I'm learning a lot by doing them as practice. :)

So I sew on the machine in the mornings, while Katie is watching her cartoons in Spanish and Mandarin immersion classes ;) I was hoping to finish my top this week, and probably would have, except that I had needle issues - I think it was wobbling or something - I had inch-long skips in my seams, and wasted an entire stitching session pulling them out. I switched needles and that seemed to fix the problem. I'm happy to report that the very hardest part is behind me - I now have pleats, gathers and yoke stitched in place. Now I need to stitch the side seams, add the sleeves and hem it.

Okay! Now for the poll results! I want to thank everyone that voted - even if you voted twice. :) It was very tight, and I had to go back and carefully count the text votes from the original post, but the winner is:
Fairy Sisters! Which is good, because I bought the floss for it last Saturday! LOL I'm going to put them in the Tuesday-Friday slot in my rotation, which leaves me 1 extra day for crochet/WIP catch-up. Thank you also for your good comments on the projects - it's a really hard decision. I think what swayed me is the smaller number of colors and the fact that all the instructions are in English. I'll keep Butterfly Girl around - I do love the "feel" of the picture, and will stitch her later.


Elaine said...

Your BoInk looks beautiful, great crocheting and I can;t wait to see those fairys come to life!

Elaine said...
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Cole said...

What a great crafty week you had!! I can't believe it's been a year since we started... we've made great progress! Cheers!

Terri said...

Very pretty stitching :)

tangled stitch said...

Hi Drea! So good to see you! I love the boink you got so much done and great job on the thread crochet!