Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 miles in 3 days

And I'm feeling sore and so much better about myself! It doesn't sound like much, to walk a mile a day, but it really does add up. Especially when your afternoon consists of sitting and stitching. Taking that 30 minute break to walk in my living room has done wonders for my range of motion (and my legs are looking terrific already - you'll just have to trust me on this). I tried on my new top again (with a different "foundation garment") and it fits much better already. I still need to let out that extra row of stitching, but I see light. Well, at least I can feel the cool breeze from the end of the tunnel. Now if I could just find one of my 3 seam rippers - I'm having to carefully clip the ends of the seam threads and use an eye-pin (like for making beaded drop pendants and things) to pull the threads out. I guess it's time-consuming no matter what tool you use, but sometimes you just want something with a pointy end.

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1 comment:

Angela said...

Keep it up.

I had to stop my walking and can really feel and see the differnece even after a couple of weks off.