Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Week In Stitches

Sunday - BoInk

Tuesday - Pixie's Lady (I also stitched on her on Wednesday, she has gorgeous blue sleeves now)

Thursday - Advent Calendar (stitched on #9 Monday and this one Friday also)

I'm annoyed, my camera decided to eat 3 WIP pix. So you'll just have to be surprised next week at how much I accomplished. Monday night I finished Advent day #9, and last night I pushed so hard to finish the x's on this little bear. And Pixie's lady has sleeves and is ready for skin - I had to do the sleeves first so I knew where to put her hands. It'll be about a year late, but this lady should be ready to fly off to NY by next Saturday.

I also finished my khaki skirt yesterday - no model pix, but I'll see if my camera will behave today and try to take one of it hanging in the closet. I know, it's not the same, but you really don't want to see my legs right now. ;)

Today I'm going to settle in for some crochet and cross-country ski-watching. I'm very proud of Team USA and their performance at the Olympics (not in the cross-country ski, but in everything else). I've never been one for "extreme" sports, but I was so thrilled watching Shaun White take that victory lap and blow everyone away! Awesome!

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Cole said...

You've made some great progress!! I noticed you're using q-snaps now... how do you like them?