Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sale Alert!

I stopped by Joann's last night "really quickly" for "just one thing" (yeah, right) and saw that they have the Charles Craft aida on clearance - packages of 12x18 for 97 cents each! Holy cow! I was lamenting being out of plain fabric to dye. I could not resist picking up 3 packages - 2 14s, and an 18. I noticed the big tubes of fabric were also on sale (more like $3.97). I hope they are not doing away with the line altogether, but in the meantime, I hope this helps some people add to their stash!

My really quick purchases? Ribbon (for finishing a project) - 50 cents, and another skein of DMC 729 for Dove Love (this project goes through the thread, let me tell ya). So my total purchase, including impulse fabric buys, was less than $5. I love Idaho sales tax.

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