Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pretty busy this weekend...

I'm just checking in quickly. The girls have a kids' choir concert at church tonight. Yesterday was Hallie's kid party, and I fell down the stairs in the morning. So it's been interesting. I bounced down about 3 steps on my tailbone. I'm pretty badly bruised, but otherwise okay. The hardest part is standing up from a sitting position. My computer chair is the most comfortable place for me to sit in the house, so I may be spending more quality time with my computer for the next few days.

I've completed all 12 of my Christmas gift small stitchery, and only have 2 gifts left to finish. Yay, me! Then on to the girls' gifts and items for my new Etsy shop.

We survived our first Idaho snowstorm, too. You know what's weird about Idaho? Not only does it wait to start snowing until the temp is below freezing (really doesn't happen in Seattle that way), the street will dry up when it's below freezing, even if the sun isn't out. So the roads so far aren't that slippery!

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