Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Birthday party is over!

And Mommy survived! All the kids had fun with the craft. My little one surprised me - she spent a long time gluing jewels on her hat and drawing with glitter glue. The other game the kids played - balloon bop! I love it! It was better than anything I had in mind! Hallie picked out her own cak - chocolate with white icing, and a dancing Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip on top. So cute.

Of course, my camera batteries were dead, so I have no pictures. And batteries didn't make it on my list for the shopping I've been doing the last few days, so I can't even post a pic of the hats the girls made. DH had the video camera to capture the party, and my mom and aunt each got pictures of the festivities. Now my home is filled with toys with small parts - Littlest Pet Shop and Sleeping Beauty and her horse and their hair accessories.

Now - on to Christmas!

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Dragonflymystic said...

glad your party went well...
:) Sounds like a fun one!