Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Last night our church had a Trunk or Treat (candy handed out of car trunks) and chili cook off, so the kids got to wear their costumes early!  Katie chose to be a kitty - kind of from a last minute trip to Walmart.  But Hallie chose to be Betsy Ross - her class does a Famous American project, and she is doing her in-class presentation today.  Her teacher is actually kind of a genius - this way all the fifth graders will be in costume for the annual costume parade!

Hallie's dress is "vintage" - my mother made it for the Bicentennial celebration. My favorite part is the sleeves!  Her bag is flag fabric pulled through an embroidery hoop; she also has a blue field with white stars to carry around.

We're already on candy overload from last night, and today my office is hosting trick-or-treating - they'll be coming in to get more candy!  I'm excited to have them come see where I work and show them off to my coworkers!

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cucki said...

So sweet..
Happy Halloween dear
Hugs x