Wednesday, March 21, 2012

National Crochet Month - Siberian Stitch

This week I'm showcasing a simple stitch that I am really kind of in love with - the Siberian stitch.  Here's the link to the tutorial I found.  There are videos at the link, but the text instructions are really easy to understand.  Basically, you're working in front loops - after your chain, you sc in the front loops, then the second row pulls together the front loop of the chain row and the front loop of the sc row.  It kind of folds together, like a zipper.

And here's my swatch (you can see how it "zips"):

Hook - J, yarn Caron Simply Soft in Orchid

My take - this makes a very thick fabric.  The tutorial is for making a pot-holder, but I think if you were ambitious it would make a very warm blanket.  Ooh, it would also make a great thick headband/ear cover.

The drawback is that this stitch will take a lot of yarn.  Also, after the sc row, when you start the Siberian sc, you need to be really careful to keep the row from twisting.  When you get into row 3, that problem kind of goes away.  It can also be difficult to see the free front loop on row 3, so watch out for that.  But in future rows it's easy to see the free loops, and it's a very relaxing stitch!


Rebekah said...

I am giving you the Liebster award! The details are on my blog.

Andrea Holme said...

Thank you Rebekah! I'm on my way to pick it up!