Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Stitching Blogger Question

So, I've seen other blogger's talking about the "question of the month" - and I finally found out where it comes from!  I'm happy to say, I'm now following Lee from Lake Stitcher.  This month's question is:

We like to stitch things for people we love.  Show us and tell us about one (or more) of your favorite needlework projects that expresses your love for someone.

So I've made a few projects specifically for my daughters.  When I first learned Hardanger, the first thing I designed was a name and birthdate pillow for each of them.  This is the one I made for the little one - LOL, I had to put this one up in a closet, because she kept trying to use it as a doll pillow!

Hardanger Birthday Hearts - for Katie (designed by me)

Another special project I stitched was for my mother, and I posted about this on the blog when it was finished.  For her birthday in 2009, I made her a picture frame for her office:

Lizzie*Kate - Ask Me About My Grandkids

And who could forget the family tree book I made for my grandparents?  I cross stitched the cover, then each page on the inside was embroidered muslin (including all the names of my family members, so I won't show those pictures here).

AAN - Dove Love (freebie)

So now it's your turn - what have you made for someone you love?


Elaine said...

Great question and what beautiful treasures you have stitched for your family.

tangled stitch said...

My mother in law loves crossstitch so I made her a couple of Scarlet Letter pieces, they are gorgeous, but that was years ago. As beautiful as they are so time consuming and complicated probably couldn't do another one. But she did love them and I did love making them(when they weren't driving me crazy).