Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some recent finishes!

I promised you finishes!  I'll start with the socks.  If you were following me in November, you know about my saga-like search for blue and orange yarn.  Blue and orange are the team colors of our local university, Boise State, and my hubby has gone Bronco crazy since moving home.  He saw my brown socks and asked for some wool-blend slipper socks for himself.  I was told by the LYS owner that whoever comes up with a blue-orange variegated yarn in this area will be very, very popular.  In other words, I had to order a blue and an orange, and she did an amazing job of matching the colors just from her computer screen.

Please ignore the Christmas morning mess.  You can see, I chose to alternate the colors.  And one foot is the exact opposite of the other.  So one has an orange heel, and the other has a blue one.  They're a little "trippy" to look at in person, LOL.  Yarn - Patons Aran weight - Shetland Chunky in Royal and Tangerine.  1 ball of each did 1 pair of men's socks.

Before I worked on DH's blue and orange socks, I made a pair of black and gray for our neighbor.  He and DH are fans of Jack Daniel's, so DH thought he'd enjoy some slipper socks in the appropriate colors.  DH will get his own pair of these as soon as he fishes my E hook out of my chair. Yarn - Lion Brand WoolEase in black and the lighter gray (I don't remember the color name).

And now for Book of Ink Circles - first, proof that I finished it in 2010.

The whole thing, completed.  Not yet pressed.  I'm still deciding how to finish it.  I'd like to make it into a bulletin board cover.  I realized I don't have any of my work displayed in the house!


Anna van Schurman said...

I like your BOINK color choices. Nice, but by bulletin board cover do you mean something that will be covered by tickets and invitation and school forms? It seems unjust!

Blu said...

BOINK looks great! But I agree with Anna, a board that gets pins shoved into it and covered with paper???

Rebekah said...

Nice job on BoInk and the socks! They all turned out just beautiful.

drea_dear said...

By bulletin board I mean something that will decorate the wall of my finishing/sewing area. Right now I pin the sewing steps for garments directly to the wall. And I do take them down as soon as the project is finished. LOL, thank you for the compliments and concerns, I would not like to use it for anything ordinary.