Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Week In Stitches

Sunday & Monday - BoInk

Thursday - Advent Day #10 - finished!

Friday - crochet teacup

I already showed the Happy Dance of the Dark Sorceress - she went off to New York this afternoon. I included this little teacup pincushion in the package for Pixie. I saw a completed version in a Jo-Ann circular, and looked it up - you crochet types can find it here. I'm not sure how the "tea" ended up so puffy!

Thanks for everyone who has shared their thoughts on my next project - I started a poll on the right sidebar - voting closes next Saturday. So far Fairy Sisters is winning. And if you'll just look over to the left, I'd like to point out my fantastic progress for my February goals. Go ahead and look, I'll wait...

Yay me!!!!! I feel really great about accomplishing so much in a short month!

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Elaine said...

Your wip looks great Andrea, cute teddy and I just love your crochet cup!