Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just a quick drop-in

I'll post last week's progress pics sometime this week. I had a super-busy weekend. We had a women's group meeting at church, with a talk on preventive health led by a Family Practitioner who is also a member of the church. :) It was good to get general information directly from a doctor, in light of all the new changes to screening recommendations. She was fair and honest about her feelings on some of the changes here in the U.S., but also presented the science side of it so that we could understand why some task force in Washington D.C. thought they were necessary.

During the meeting, I volunteered to coordinate a craft fair/sale/bazaar (we have yet to officially name it - it will be held sometime in mid September). So from time to time I may ask for input from you fair/sale/bazaar vets - I've only exhibited at one, so I'm only aware of one way of doing it, but I'm sure there are others. :) When I have questions, I'll ask.

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