Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday update

Obviously, I've spent much of my week on the advent pockets. And I'm going to make you wait to see day 6.

BoInk progress - a lot!!! Especially compared to my work of the last couple of weeks. But I finished the right side motif, started the center one, and finished the side border (again, huge milestone to me).

And I received my TTE2 Needlebook from April. It's a Mill Hill pattern - pumpkin man, still on the vine, lol. Soo cute. The pumpkin is alternating stripes of beads and cross stitches. Thank you, April! I'm sure my needles will love their new home!

I'm still waiting to hear if the Needlebook I sent off has reached it's new home. I'll go ahead and say that it went to the UK, so I hope it didn't get lost in the postal strike they had recently.


Cole said...

What a cute needlebook! And great progress pics, your needles must be smokin' hot!!

tangled stitch said...

The boink is coming along beautifully. I love the colors!

Robin said...

Cute needlebook and I LOVE THE TRUNK!!! That is a great idea! fingers crossed on DH's job....please post as soon as you know!!!