Sunday, November 15, 2009

darn it!!! (oh, and weekend update)

I can't believe I missed posting yesterday! Grrrrrrrr! I was even sitting at the computer all evening. I had kind of a lousy day, and needed to destress, so I played pointless games. :) But I forgot to post! I even downloaded pictures already. So anyway, here's my weekend update, and I hope that's my only slip for the month!

BoInk - not a ton of progress. I'm still on that center motif. I'm in "push" mode on this right now, lol. As in, I have to push myself to complete each stitch. I'm still enjoying it, especially when I step back and see how much I've done. I even started work on the bottom of the frame! Having that green finished really does make it look more "done."

And my Crazy Advent Experiment - for Rachel, and anyone else who's been wondering how this will be finished, no it's not a surprise. Yes, I read your comments. I'm just not good about e-mailing you personal answers immediately. :) Here's a pic of all 8 pockets I've stitched so far (1/3 done). And I've had this quarter flat for about 3 years - I thought it was so cute when it was on sale at the fabric store, but I haven't had a use for it. But the colors work perfectly. This will be the back - the inside will probably be plain, with just the pockets for decoration. But it will roll up and be Christmas-y when it's put away. Unless I find a slightly more interesting but not as busy fabric to use for the inside.

I'm kind of thinking about only worrying about getting through day 12, and doing "the Twelve Days of Christmas" instead of 24 days of Advent. Yes, I know that the actual 12 days of Christmas start on December 25 and go on into the new year. Just don't tell my kids, and we'll be fine. I really have to finish some ornaments for gifts, and I don't want to be so rushed on this that I stop enjoying it. Look at me, and my healthy, balanced approach to stress. At least for these 2 minutes. :)

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Rachel said...

Thank you for sharing (early) on how you plan on finishing the advent calendar. I will be waiting for more updates :o)