Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday update

What I can show from the past week's work:

BoInk. A little more black frame, some green in the motif, some green on the knotwork. The motif has gone from looking like a cluster of Eiffel Towers to alien smiley faces. I'm hoping only 3 more weeks of black frame. That may be ambitious.

Finish #1 for blogging year #3! Blackwork Hope ornie for Stitching for a Cure - #4 for me. You can see I decided on the leafy fabric. I'm still waiting to receive the Sweetheart Tree pattern for ornie #5.

And this is what I accomplished this morning. I cut a swath through the jungle of weeds in my "garden":

Obviously, I've finished my blogoversary give-away. I'm still keeping the finishes a secret. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get them to the post office until next weekend probably. Please be patient, Amanda! :)

I've also completed the stitching on Swirlygig (Bent Creek). Per Anna's rules, I'm not showing any of the stitching on my blog (she wants it to be a completely blind judging). I have an idea for what I hope is a creative finish, which is in process. The pattern is really cute, and a fast stitch. Once Swirlygig is finished, I HAVE to set a deadline for Emma #2. Have to. Otherwise I won't work on her, and she won't be finished until her recipient is in college. And I still have 2 PIFs to finish before the end of the year - I know for sure what I'm doing for one, and a better idea is brewing for the other. :)


Cole said...

Great progress Andrea! I love the finishing on your ornie, great choice of fabric, lol :)

amanda said...

don't worry I will be patient but curios as a cat

tangled stitch said...

Great job and beautiful work!