Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slow stitching this week...

My dh came home Tuesday night. It's been about 6 weeks this time since the last trip home. I love having him here (of course), but he really throws my routine off! If he were here and working, he wouldn't be in "my space" all day long, and I'd have to find another reason to complain, LOL.

Anyway, with the airport trip Tuesday night and Bible study last night, I've really not accomplished much on my stitching. I did some more Dove Love on Monday, but on Tuesday I was gripped by my TTE biscornu, and finished the stitching and backstitching yesterday. Thus, Emma stayed in her bag. I wish I could share a pic of the biscornu stitching, it's so pretty! But it's a secret until it's received.

Some of you have commented on my fast pace. It won't be so fast this time! I usually get at least 2 stitching time periods during the day, but like I said, my routine is thrown off!


tangled stitch said...

I'm a little off myself this week. Can't explain it, maybe just a break is needed. Have fun with the hubby!

Cole said...

Sometimes it's good to have your routine thrown out of whack, I'm sure you'll miss it/him when it's back to "normal". Enjoy :)