Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I know I'm close to completing a project when...

I get the urge to start designing things. Especially designs that are time-consuming (both to draw and to stitch). Or to come up with elaborate finishes. Anything that will keep me from actually crossing that last x. The same thing happens when I read a book - I always pick up a new one before I finish the first.

I have 2.5 colors left on Dove Love (out of 4, doesn't sound that impressive, but I'm pretty sure 1.5 colors will be done this week), and I'm starting to think about the elaborate finishing I will do. I think I will sort some beads this morning, then give myself time to play with fabric.

Does anyone else get the urge to put an almost-done project aside and work on something completely new?

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tangled stitch said...

All the time. I usually have a few nearly finished projects and new ones lined up and when I don't I go back to the basics and something else pops up. Good luck on all your projects!