Thursday, March 12, 2009

Awesome mail day!

Yesterday I received my TTE biscornu from Jeannie in Singapore (no blog). It's so cute - with red beads sewn into the seam. Here's the red side:

And the purple side:

And the whole exchange:

I love it. Hallie tried to claim it (red and purple are her favorite colors), and now she wants me to make one for her room, LOL. I've been thinking about trying to make a giant pillow one, maybe she'll get a decorative bed pillow. BTW, I'm addicted to biscornus.

I also received round 6 of the 3 ladies RR - honestly, I haven't opened the bag, because I didn't want to tempt myself to start on it. I'll open it and scan it next Tuesday (exchange/RR day). I managed to get quite a bit of work done on Emma, even though I only worked on her after Bible study last night. All the evil (beautiful) green is done! Now for the confetti flowers - there will be a pic on Saturday.


tangled stitch said...

This is really lovely!

lady macleod said...

Lovely. I enjoyed your blog.

Candle Junkie said...

Okay I dont want to sound dumb lol but what are these? They are beautiful but I am lost as what they are?

drea_dear said...

"Biscornu" is a french adjective for something irregular shaped - usually 2 squares sewn together in a way that makes 8 corners. They're usually used for pincushions, or they could be filled with herbs or essential oils for sachets. I have one with a cord on it that I use for a scissor fob. Like I said, my daughter wants me to make one for her, which would be a throw pillow. HTH, Angie.

Dragonflymystic said...

gorgeous :) lucky you... glad someone spoiled ya! I also love the purse you made for your Etsy :)