Monday, February 9, 2009

SAL updates

For those interested in the Book of Ink Circles SAL, we'll be setting aside Sunday as our "BoInk" day. I know Rebekah and Julie are ready to go. I received my fabric last week, and have my threads, so I'll be ready to start March 1!

Here's the update on Emma #2 - the "before" picture is in my Saturday update. I'm trying not to post tons of pictures because I know it makes the page load slower, and it makes each post longer. Anyway, I only put in about 6 hours of the weekend on this cute little monster. I was working on leaves, but I was going cross-eyed, so I finally had to pull out a nice bright pink and do some flowers and ribbon. It looks like I accomplished more that way! As I said last night, the only thing that kept me going on this was knowing that other stitchers all over the world were pushing through on WIPs.


Robin said...

thanks for letting me know about the link to the facebook that my dd had put on my blog. i didn't realize it wouldn't let you see it. She's going to list her artwork on her etsy site, but thanks for letting me know!
Have a wonderful day!

Angela said...

The pink bits do a make a big difference to the piece so I can understand why you moved away from all the green.