Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm feeling chatty this evening...

Not much to say, actually. Maybe I'm just avoiding Emma. She's so cute, but tedious, and since this is the second time stitching her...I was supposed to SALing from Friday evening through this evening, and I didn't pick her up until yesterday evening, and there's really very little measurable progress. Maybe I should abandon leaves for this evening and do some flowers, just so I can feel like I've done something! I guess the big problem for me is that there are so many subtle color changes (which is what makes these patterns so gorgeous), that I get confused if I put the WIP down for any length of time. It takes me several minutes to get re-oriented, and remember which symbols I haven't done in each section and why...headache! It helps knowing that other stitchers all over the world are working on their own "monsters" - it keeps me going. And yet I'm sitting here typing. Okay, feed the children, clean the kitchen, sit and stitch.

Good night, all!

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Shannon - Designer, said...

Hi - I came over from the Crafty Mom thread on Facebook. Wow - I haven't picked up my cross stitch in a couple of years - since I was pregnant with my DD. I really used to enjoy it and loved looking at your work!