Sunday, March 1, 2009

March goals

Is it possible that it's already March? Is it possible that I accomplished everything on my February goal list? Let's see!

Recap of February Goals:

Complete 3 new items for Etsy - well, I listed 4 things, only 2 of them were new finishes, but that counts, right?
Continue making strong weekly progress on Dove Love - yes! Yay! I'm estimating 2 or 3 more weeks of updates, and then it's back to the Secret Squirrel cave until the gift is received
Complete and mail 3 Ladies RR to Pixie by 2/24 - completed by 2/26, holding until Pixie is ready to receive
Stitch 2 hours every week on Emma #2 (8 hours in Feb) - 8 hours in Feb accomplished - the first weekend SAL on FB really helped me make that goal
Finish and mail 1 PIF by 2/14 - yes, and Laura has received

March Goals


Complete 3 new items for Etsy
Stick to my stitching schedule (posted on the right) - weekly progress in each category
Finish stitching Dove Love by 3/25 and move on to finishing
Stitch and finish Lizzie*Kate gift by 3/31
Stitch, finish and mail TTE Biscornu exchange piece by 3/31 (deadline)


Organize stash (I know, too general)
Try one new seed bead stitch by 3/17


Maintain posting pace (I'm happy with it, are you happy with it?)
Create widget for bracelet giveaway
Comment at least weekly on fellow stitching blogs

Miscellaneous things I hope to attain by 3/31:

Find a house!!!!!
Potty train Katie!!!!
Regular fitness routine

Thanks for visiting and taking part in my creative life. I appreciate your comments.


Angela said...

Sounds like an ambitious set ot targets. Good luck with meeting them.

tangled stitch said...

Potty training and all those other things you are planning. You are a brave woman! My son is almost 18 and I still remember the tortures of potty training. Good luck with all of your goals! You can do it(even with the potty training).

heathernkids said...

I'm tired just reading your list, kudos to you!
I can hook you up with 3 day PT info if you need it! Let me know. :)