Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TTE fob arrived safely in Portugal

I saw on the TTE blog that the fob I stitched for Mary J (cenouragata) arrived safely in Portugal. Unfortunately, I've lost the pictures I took! She posted some great images, though - you can see them here.

The cat is a freebie from about.com - I added the lazy-daisy flowers. The geometric pattern on the back is my own (as far as I know - I drew it before I stitched it, so I'm claiming it). The cording is made from the threads I used to stitch. It's stitched over-1, on 28-count ivory linen. It measures about an inch square.

As instructed, I sent her an Idaho postcard (but forgot to include the design details). I also sent her a stitch-gauge checker - she has a lot of crochet projects on her blog, so I thought that would come in handy. I'm glad she liked it - it was my first fob finish, and I had fun doing it. But I always feel nervous once something like that leaves my hand - I'm reassured that it does match things she likes!

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Cenoura said...

Thank you my dear Drea_dear ;)!