Thursday, January 29, 2009

So far, not a lot going on this week. I'm still waiting to receive my TTE scissor fob - I hope it hasn't fallen in an ocean!

I've been working a lot on Dove Love - I really want to finish one of the doves this week - before I post my next Saturday update.

I also made a schedule for myself, so that I can budget my time for my different projects.

I'm also house hunting again - this time, we're looking for real for something to buy. Now that my mom is employed, we can start looking in earnest. I love the neighborhood we're in now, and there are things about this house that I adore (the large living room, the big family room with spot lights that are ideal for crafting), but there are other issues - the shower in our bathroom is too small, for example. Besides, the owners are asking way too much for this house, based on what we've been able to see in the area. So we'll look in the neighborhoods we like for a house that meets our needs - hopefully one we can stay in for a long time!

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