Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WIPs that are now finishes!!

Okay, here's an update on some of my WIPs from this holiday season.

First, Katie's Angel Baby:

Her sweet little face:

And the afghan (pattern is from Crochet Cabana - follow the link below for more great, easy crochet patterns):

The doll will be attached to the afghan on a diagonal, so that she can be wrapped in it. That's what gives her the "wings". I think that will be my "after the kids are in bed" project tonight.

The purse that Hallie made for her friend:

And the inside:

Apparently, the friend loved it, and decided that it will be blue for the time being. Hallie stitched on the handles, as well as the sides of the panels. It's french-seamed to high heaven, so I hope it holds up to many reversals!

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