Sunday, December 7, 2008

I have a 6 year old!

My older daughter turns 6 today. She loved her puppy picture. She opened it, took one look at it and ran over to give me a hug.

My aunt gave her a kit of beaded snowflake ornaments - like in Oriental Trading. She's sitting at the dining room table right now, putting them together. We did one together, but I was getting sleepy, and she's cruising on her own, so I'll let her.

No new stitching to share. I haven't had a chance to follow my ship instructions (to make sure they make sense) or to take pictures, so I hope to do that this week. The last installment of the SAL will come after Christmas, I think. I've put my SAL aside until I finish my projects. I have one more motif to stitch - I'll work on that tonight when our company leaves. Then I'll spend my afternoons at the sewing machine until all is finished!

I don't think I'll finish the anniversary gift by the 15th - I've only completed 9 half lines. So I think they'll get a card, and I'll finish this the way I've really wanted to for a long time. I've wanted to stitch a "family tree" sort of thing for them for a long time, so I'll incorporate it into this AAN freebie.

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