Thursday, October 2, 2008

Craft area set up!

My new sewing/beading/craft area is set up! About a month after moving in! I bought a corner computer desk at Wal-Mart for $109, and my mom and I put it together in less than 2 hours. I'll get some of the cube storage things at Costco (I already have some for my closet) and put them on either side, then with my handy-dandy ShopKo baskets and Ikea boxes, I should be able to organize my beads, threads, fabrics, tools, everything! I even have a place for my pattern books and idea notebooks.

The sewing machine fits perfectly on the desktop, and slides back to be out of the way, so I have the full desktop for beading. There was already a bright light fixture above. I'm excited to have it set up - it was the last holdout of piles of boxes in the main part of the house.

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