Thursday, January 1, 2015

This Year I Resolve To Work On One Project At A Time

I'm just kidding; I would never ever do that!  But you're reading!

Yes, I know what the productivity experts say about focus and really being able to devote attention to tasks.  And I think we've had this conversation before on this blog.  I think a creative person needs a certain amount of chaos to sort out, mess to organize, a reasonable number of problems to solve in order to function.  At least I do!  It may take longer to finish something this way, but my enjoyment in what I do is a lot higher than if I treated it like a task.  In general, I am a highly efficient person at work and at home - I am the type of person that sits at the table for a minute after dinner, mentally plotting the most efficient way to clear all plates, serving pieces, glasses, etc.  It's like a puzzle to me.  But with hand-made pieces it's a different type of efficiency - not based on "getting done" as quickly as possible.  My enjoyment is from the process.  Why would I want to be done stitching quickly?  What do you all think?  Is anyone else like this?

In honor of turning the pages of the calendar, I thought I would post my "Wish To Finish" list for 2015:

- $5 In Paris sweater (I haven't posted any pictures of this yet, as I haven't done a lot of work on it since I started up blogging again)
- Dorotheos x2
- Frame "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and both "Dorotheos" for my bedroom
- Cross-stitch design I started working on over a year ago on my computer - I want to complete the pattern so I can share it!
- National Crochet month series of posts (that will be for March)
- Promised knitting tutorials for hat and hooded fingerless mitts

As I look this over, I don't have a lot of new projects planned, but I certainly have room for them!  Do you all have any fun project starts planned for 2015?  Share in the comments - either your planned starts or your thoughts on doing one thing at a time - or both!

Happy New Year!

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Miamina said...

Happy new Year! Good luck with your goals :)