Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mental Fatigue and Stitching

How do you pull yourself out of a stitching slump?  I had several days off of work (11 in a row, although I only took 4 work days).  And coming back to the full-time schedule again has been a hard adjustment!  By the time I fight traffic (in the freezing fog) to and from work, concentrate all day, and deal with getting dinner on the table and interacting with my offspring, all I want to do is collapse in a chair and zone out in front of the TV!  Not good, because I also need to get back to the gym.  (Again, freezing fog keeps me home.)

I need tips, please!!  I know my brain is tired and probably needs a rest, but is there anything you've tried that wakes you up enough to work on projects?

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Miamina said...

I try something simple, like a single colour chart on nice fabric or something smaller. Sometimes just having a few days away makes me feel more refreshed and excited about what I'm stitching.