Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Morning Pinterest Fun

It's break time at work and I was going through my Pinterest boards, looking at all the great ideas I've never gotten around to making......and I was going to try to share pictures, but Pinterest and Blogger are not playing nice that direction.  So I'll post links instead.

One is a toilet paper roll holder (originally for sale on Etsy for $45!!!) that doesn't look very hard to recreate.  I would probably only make it hold a single additional roll, but I would love to embroider a design and have something functional and beautiful.  The bathroom is next on my redo list - time to get rid of the key lime green walls that clash with the avocado tile.  So when I decide on a shower curtain and towel theme, I can choose materials for this roll holder.  That seems like the logical way to do it!

And then there's these - I loved them so much I pinned them twice.  My brain says I could totally make a set for my desk at work, too.

I seem to be drawn to repurposed denim - after all, I still have a bag full of torn/ripped/worn-out jeans in my closet.  This skirt is so precious, I think my skirt-loving K has to have one.

What is on your top Pinterest projects list?  Have you actually done anything you've found?


Anonymous said...

Hello Andrea

I dare not start looking on Pinterest because I would spend all day there. Love the toilet roll holder though (:

cucki said...

Very nice :)

Andrea Holme said...

Meggie - I have to limit my pinning to my break times at work! 15 minutes only, then back to work!