Monday, December 17, 2012

Working Is HARD :)

But I love my job!  I work with some really great people who are helpful and friendly, and it's such a wonderful atmosphere!  Now if they would just pay me to sit, talk and stitch all day, it would be perfect! LOL

I'm having to readjust to working life, which means I've basically been a zombie when I get home, and it's hard for me to make myself pick up any kind of fiber.  I have some yarn in my purse so I can knit Hallie's legwarmers during my lunch break, but that isn't working out so well.  I'm having trouble casting them on with the aluminum dpns, and my small wooden circular needles are too long to use.  I'm going to force myself to work on them tonight, so that I can have some progress toward Christmas presents!

So no stitchy updates for this week!  I hope to have something for next week - the office closes early on Friday, so I'll have some daylight left when I get home!


Cole said...

I totally agree - I work full time, and then some(!), and it's sooo hard to not just sit and not move once you get home & dinner done!

Andrea Holme said...

I'm doing better so far this week - maybe the nearness of Christmas has given me that extra push. I knit in the breakroom during my lunch break and some of the other office staff look at me with a great deal of worry. LOL