Monday, April 16, 2012

Post #400 - a Happy Dance!

I finished page 2 of Fairy Sisters!!!!

Start date of page one - March 16, 2010 (omg, it's already taken me over 2 years).  Finish date of page one - sometime in April/May 2011.  (That means it took me over a year.)

Start date of page two - Sometime in May 2011.  Finish date of page two - April 16, 2012.  Woot!  I knocked at least two months off my time from page one! LOL

After I took this picture I took the fabric off the q-snaps and took it downstairs for a press.  I was committing the cardinal q-snap sin - I left the fabric on them, only adjusting as I needed more stitching space.  Also, I was going back and forth between Thread Heaven and beeswax, so it was causing the illusion of color gradation that didn't exist.

Our trip this weekend was so fun!  I'll have another post later this week with some pictures I took - we went to Idaho City, which was once a huge gold rush town.  Hubby and I are both history buffs, so we really enjoyed seeing all the historic sites - not just in the town, but also along the drive!

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