Friday, February 17, 2012

My First Knitting Finish!

I finished this Monday while K was home sick from school, so she got to try it on right away.  She hasn't yet had a reason to wear it outside, since she's been home with an ear infection all week.  But the bonus was that she was handy for checking the length and photographing. :)

She tied it herself.  I was going to something with her purple coat and hat and gloves - because she really does love this color. (Rebekah - you 2 would get along so great! LOL)

This is a little bit closer look at the overall basket-weave pattern.  And also me playing with the text/watermark options in Picasa.

I really enjoy the light weight fabric this created.  Crocheting was faster for me for these kinds of scarves, but the finished product would have been more bulky.

So here's to a FINISH in February!

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Louise said...

It's perfect!! I love it!!!