Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogoversary #4!

Thank you to Teena in Toronto for visiting my business site and reminding me of this special day! LOL I've been very busy with my new business...but I do have some pictures to show of my work from this summer.

This is the snowman/men ornament I made for the Facebook Ornament exchange - you can see the sweaters have different textures.  And I'm glad the eyelet snowflakes show up!  I finished this as a humbug, and the recipient is very happy with it.  She'd never heard of a humbug until she saw the discussion for this exchange, and now she's excited to try one.

And here's the most recent picture I have of Fairy Sisters - I actually think I did more work after I took the pic - the moon progresses more to the center with lighter purples.  I love this page (#2) right now.  I think now that I have all the confetti outside the moon done, I'll take a break and do the navy blue, then reward myself with more fun on the inside of the moon.

I've had to put personal projects aside for one last GhostStitchers' project - this will be the final weekend on it.  Then I just have to not accept more assignments for a while.  When I had 4-6 hours of stitching time every day, I had no problem meeting their deadlines.  But with a busy home-based business, I feel like I'm always putting something important aside.  So I'll focus on my business, and allow my personal projects to give me that outlet for pleasure and relaxation.

Thank you, all of you, by the way, for sticking with me and not disappearing over the last 6 weeks.  And thanks, also for the visits to my site - I get so happy when I see a click coming from this blog.

Until next time....


Jules said...

Your snowmen look great!!!

I have long admired stitchers who stitch grids in their fabric to guide them along. I just don't have the patience for that myself. I barely have enough patience to sort floss, LOL! How long did it take you to grid out your piece posted??

Lana said...

Love the snowman!! The progress on your HAED is looking great!! and happy blogoversary!!

mdgtjulie said...

I'm so glad to hear your business is doing well, Drea. Congrats to you for making it work. And here's hoping it continues to go well. Enjoy your stitchy time!!

drea_dear said...

Jules - I took an evening to grid the HAED. It makes it so much easier for putting in the confetti. I wish that I had done 1 length of thread per column - that way I could pull the threads down as I work and get them entirely out of my way. Instead, I stitched down one column and up the next - I've now started stitching over the grid threads. It's less hassle than trying to avoid catching them and having them show through.

Thank you, everyone!