Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Blog is now Mobile-Friendly!

If you use Blogger, they've rolled out mobile templates.  I just updated mine to be viewable on mobile devices.  It's a little bit annoying to click on a link in Twitter when I'm on my Blackberry and not be able to see all the cool and pretty formatting you guys do.  If you haven't updated your settings yet, it's easy - from "Design", click on the "Settings" tab, then "E-Mail & Mobile" - it's the top option.  You can preview what it will look like for mobile users before you change the settings.  Even if you don't view blogs on your own mobile device, it's a great idea to update this setting.  It makes it nicer for those of us who read blogs when we're between appointments (or too lazy to walk to the computer).

Photo updates are coming later this week!

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