Monday, April 11, 2011

An Easter Preview

Here's a look at what's been occupying my mind for the last couple of weeks - Easter dresses!  Youngest is modeling her not-quite-complete dress.

There are some crochet elements to be added, and of course better photography to be done (I took this with my phone - fortunately for all of you, the mobile blogging failed, and I had to transfer and edit the photo anyway).  But I'm so thrilled that this fits and is done - it's a patternless-dress.  I wasted all of spring break and an entire bedsheet trying to figure out the math to make these dresses work!  Now that it's done, I can safely say that this is a less-than-one-day dress.  For me, that's incredible!!


tangled stitch said...

It's a lovely color and a pretty style. Can't wait to see the final Eastery project on your beautiful daughter. Hope you are all well!

Dani - tkdchick said...

that's going to be so cute, my Mum used to make our dresses!