Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Thanks to everyone who expressed sympathy over my foot yesterday.  It's feeling much better.  A bandage really does make it better!  Also, if you haven't yet, please go sign up for my giveaway!

Now, on to the tutorial(s).  I'm providing links to the Hardanger tutorials I've done over the past few years.  You can start from the beginning, or jump in wherever you'd like.  As I've learned different forms of needlework, I've discovered that many techniques cross over.  Enjoy!

Lesson #1 - Hardanger Background and Shopping Info

Lesson #2 - Can You Count To 5? (Klosters)

Lesson #3 - Larger Kloster Diamonds

Lesson #4 - Cutwork

Lesson #5 - Wrapping Bars

Lesson #6 - Woven Bars

Lesson #7 - Basic Filling Stitch

Lesson #8 - Filling Stitch #2 - Twisted Cross

Lesson #9 - Edging Technique - Satin Stitch

Lesson #10 - Edging Technique - Buttonhole Stitch (part 1)

Lesson #11 - Edging Technique - Buttonhole Stitch (part 2)

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