Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blogoversary - Year 3 in Review

No giveaway this year, it kind of crept up on me.  So I don't have anything ready.  And I've kind of over-committed myself (you'll see that on Saturday's update).  It took me all evening just to make this:

Finish-finishes!!!! - I found 30 projects that I've completed in the last 12 months, I know I'm missing some(not all are pictured, of course).  6 of those were wearables for ME (huge pat on the back - I've been wearing my black capris almost constantly since I finished them).  I learned 5 new finishing techniques, how to do blackwork (which I still love, by the way), and how to crochet my own lace.  I'm becoming more confident in crocheting with yarn, too.  I like to crochet useful things and stitch for fun.  Sewing is becoming less of a chore, too.  I learned how to do gathers, pleats, zippers and PANTS.

Exchanges, gifts, SAL, RR and WIPs - I participated in 5 Tiny Treasures Exchanges, and sent off 2 PIFs.  I made a gift set for a giveaway for a Facebook group.  I have finished all the framework on Book of Ink Circles, and had hoped to finish the motifs by now.  I should have been able to, if I hadn't skipped some Sundays.  I finished and mailed off Pixie's round 6 of the 3 Ladies RR, (but I'm still waiting for mine to come home).  I started HAED's Fairy Sisters, which is my main WIP, and will be for awhile.  The advent calendar has been an epic fail - remember when I was going to complete one pocket a day in November?  HA!

I was accepted as a GhostStitcher, and finished one project for them (I have another WIP currently).  It's fun to be able to make a little extra money through stitching.  I'm also now doing contract work for some friends.  It's also fun to be able to make a little extra money at home on the computer. :)

In blogging, I created 107 posts (including this one) - that averages a little over 2 each week.  Not bad considering I skipped the entire month of July.  Most comments  - 6 - a 3-way-tie between my wine-dyeing experiment, my HAED decision and one of my weekly updates.  I currently have 41 followers (I didn't record how many I had last year, but I know it's up a lot).

My husband moved home!!  Thank you to everyone who was praying for us for the last 2 years, we are settling into a new pattern that includes Daddy.  I'm fully convinced that part of the reason I stitched and blogged so much the last 2 years was because I needed to keep my mind and hands occupied.  Thanks for your support, for following, for commenting, and even those of you who just stop by to read.


Jules said...

Congrats on your achievements! I look forward to the upcoming year...

Anonymous said...

I am so far behind on blog reading but I just read that your DH has moved home!!! that is Wonderful news!!! I assume he got a job at home :-) I know you and the girls will be so glad he's there full time. Congrats!!!