Friday, April 16, 2010

I blame it on getting older...

I am 32 now, after all.  :)  And also, my husband was in town last week, which kind of puts a stop to my stitchy thoughts and stitchy actions.  Anyway, Bonnie posted in TTE2 that she received the Altoid Tin I sent her (like last week, seriously, I'm terrible), so here are a couple of pics:
The top - this is a modified freebie from Nordic Needle.  The pattern is "Autumn Border".  Honestly, the modifications I made make it more "inspired by" than modified, but I started with her pattern, so I'll give her the credit. :)

The inside - with her name and the contrasting fabric

There was much glue-age involved with this - while it finally turned out nice and she seems very happy with it, all read how I feel about glue in my previous post.  Anyway, I just realized I didn't take any pictures of the gluing, lol.  There's a bead border on the top, and contrasting green ribbon around the sides, and the same contrasting fabric covers the nutritional info on the bottom of the box.  I glued in a couple of strips of magnet for pin control, and I had some Little Gem scissors (purple, of course) sent from Down Sunshine Lane.  You can see Bonnie's pictures on TTE2 here.

This was project #2 out of that small cut of Silkweaver Solo - project #3 (the blackwork biscornu) will be delivered tomorrow morning to it's new owner, so no pics until she has it in her hand - just in case.  But I'm really happy with the results, and especially happy that I finished it entirely by 4:00 p.m. today. :)

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staci said...

A very sweet finish!