Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Week In Stitches

Sunday - BoInk

Tuesday - Pixie's Lady

Once again, the rest of the work from this week is for gifts/exchanges, so it's super-secret! I will say that I finished the stitching on my TTE2 piece yesterday. My husband is in town until Thursday, so I will wait to do the finishing until Friday.

Still no word on DH's interview from October; he's continuing to look for any other positions that will just get him here. We were glad to have him here for a longer visit this time, though!


Cole said...

I like your fabric on Pixie Lady. What is it? Very pretty :)

Angela said...

Great progress.

I'm sure you've said before but please do tell us what the fabric for Pixie Lady is.

drea_dear said...

I'm not sure of the color - Laura M. ordered it for the participants of the 3 Ladies RR. I do know that it's Enchanted Fabrics, and I think it's 28-count Jobelan. Or Lugana. It has a nice weight to it, and a very soft hand. It's whatever line has the sparkles, too. LOL - I kinda wish I'd kept the sleeve the fabric came in. I also wish I knew the designer!!!! Maybe Laura or Rebekah can help me out????

Rebekah said...

I think it may be Hocus Pocus opalescent on linen. I have some of that color in Monaco and that's what it looks like to me. I love Enchanted Fabrics but sadly, they are going out of business soon. If I had the extra money, I would try to stock up before they close up shop.

drea_dear said...

Sorry they're going out!!!!! They have such pretty stuff!

Linen makes more sense - the threads are slightly irregular (which is SOOOO much fun with a dark fabric).

To clarify - the piece I'm stitching is "The Dark Sorceress", which belongs to Pixie, a participant in the 3 Ladies RR. If you click on the 3 Ladies label, you'll see other pieces from the RR.

Robin said...

Looks great. and I'll keep DH in my prayers for a job close to home!